Spring Lake District Board of Supervisors

A CDD is a unit of local government like a county or a city, although it does not have the regulatory powers of a county or city. CDDs are governed by a five member Board of Supervisors, elected initially by Spring Lake District landowners on a one vote to one-acre basis. Commencing no sooner than six years following creation of the Spring Lake District, and only after there are at least 250 qualified electors, Supervisors whose terms are expiring may be elected by qualified electors (typically residents) of the Spring Lake District. Like all municipal elections, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections oversees the vote. CDD Supervisors are subject to Florida ethics and financial disclosure laws. Board meetings are governed by the Florida “Sunshine” law, and therefore, must be noticed in a local newspaper and conducted in a public forum. Subject to the requirements of the public records law, CDDs must make District records routinely available for public inspection during normal business hours. These requirements, as well as the governmental reporting and auditing requirements imposed on CDDs by law, ensure that CDDs are visible and accessible.

Board Members

Position Name & Seat Email
Supervisor Ken Hoefle, Seat 1 (Expires 11/2022) Coming Soon
Supervisor Chrissy Nieves, Seat 2 (Expires 11/2022)
Supervisor William Kidwell, Seat 3 (Expires 11/2024) springlakecddseat3@gmail.com
Vice-Chair Ruth Brown, Seat 4 (Expires 11/2024) springlakecddseat4@gmail.com
Chair Warren C. Keipper, Seat 5 (Expires 11/2022) warren.keipper@gmail.com
District Manager Eric Dailey, Halifax Solutions edailey@halifax-solutions.com
District Attorney Michael C. Eckert, Kutak Rock, LLP Michael.Eckert@KutakRock.com
District Engineer Phil Chang, Johnson Engineering pc@johnsoneng.com

Spring Lake District Manager – Halifax Solutions

The District Manager acts as the “City Manager/County Administrator” of the Spring Lake District and works with the elected Board of Supervisors to serve the Spring Lake District and its residents. The direct responsibilities of the District Manager include the following but are not limited to: preserving and maintaining district improvements and facilities, overseeing and coordinating the planning, financing, purchasing, staffing, and compliance of the district, and any other such duties, as prescribed by the board.

Spring Lake District Counsel – Kutak Rock, LLP

The District Counsel acts as the chief legal counsel to the Spring Lake District and is responsible for ensuring that the district conducts its business according to the legal standards placed upon it, both by the actions of the District/Board and Statute.

In this capacity, the District Counsel reviews all Spring Lake District documents, including resolutions, contracts, and agreements, assists District manager in drafting of same and negotiations on behave of the district. Counsel ensures compliance with all necessary laws including the Sunshine Amendment, and assists with securing public financing.

Spring Lake District Engineer – Johnson Engineering

The District Engineer provides professional and technical services to the Spring Lake District to support the planning, design, permitting, construction, financing, and operation and maintenance of the district infrastructure.

The District Engineer also provides the Engineer’s Report for bond financing, and can provide direct consultation for such items as: bidding, contractor selection standards, master planning of infrastructure and construction phase observation.